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One of the coolest Communities ever invented!

Choose Location

Users can see all the events in the world, happening today or in the near future. They can choose a location quite easy by pin-pointing it on the world map or writing the name in the search bar.

Choose Event

The app will find all the amazing events they can attend in any location of their choice in order for them to decide where and when they want to go out.

Invite friends in minutes

By accessing an event in the list the users can see who is attending, they can invite their friends to join them or they can simply connect with new people with similar interests and passions that will be attending the same venue.

Eindrink for Business

“Pending drinks” is a new concept introduced by EinDrink. Any EinDrink partner location (restaurant, bar, pub, cafe) can use EinDrink app to manage all their special offers and notify EinDrink app users about them. Users in the proximity of the location can reserve the offer (ex. a free drink) and go get it later. This is a win-win situation for the partner location and the EinDrink app user.

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